About Me


I have always loved animals and from a very young age I began to share simple joy and trust with them. I knew my life 

would be intrinsically connected with animals.



Every weekend was spent "working" at my local riding stables, a day of free labour in exchange for that one most precious bare-back ride to the fields, a trek or lesson in the sand school!



Over the years I have worked around the UK, learning a variety of skills, from tractor driving and yogurt making to managing a busy and successful Farm Park. One day, I realised that, although part of my job was responsibility for a collection of animals, I had lost that special connection I treasured as a child.  I focused on re-finding that feeling and am experiencing a wonderful journey through energy healing, trust, communication and botanical self-selection.

My intention is to continue learning and to spend my days working with and helping animals, their guardians and myself live in  peace and balance.  


I believe that all animals (including humans) should be treated with respect, understanding and love.  

I am fully qualified and insured with Balens for Zoopharmacognosy (all species), Reiki, Animal Healing, Communication, Relax HAOK9 Massage.